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Ways To Use Recyclable Items

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Before you take your recyclables to the recycling depot, you want to make sure that you pull any to the side that you can use for other things. Cans, glass jars and other recyclables can easily be turned into other things to help you around the house and save you money. Think about using some of those recyclables in the following ways before you send them off. Use coffee cans Read More»

Wildly Easy And Wonderful Ways To Up-Cycle Scrap Metal And Aluminum Cans

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If your household consumes canned soft drinks and beverages, you may find that you have a stock-pile of discarded aluminum cans on hand. Rather than tote these to the local recycling center, or tossing them in the trash, which will subsequently end up in a land-fill, try some alternative ways to use these items. There are numerous fun and simple crafting projects which will not only recycle your aluminum cans, but that will result in some one-of-a-kind creations. Read More»

Clean Out Tips When Moving a Business

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If you are a small business owner who needs to move to a smaller building, a lot of consolidating will need to be done to avoid making your new place appear cluttered. Downsizing can save in rent and utility costs, but what you bring along will need to be handled wisely in order to make your new setup organized. Here are a few tips to use when preparing to move your small business to a new home. Read More»